Flexi Chimney Rods

Chimney Sweeping Rods.


set of 6 x flexi chimney rods and brush
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No other flexible chimney sweeping rods are made ONLY of Nylon!

This unique patented design eliminates all potential damage, even on tight bends, extending the life of the flue liner.
  NO other manufacturer can claim that.

Super smooth profile makes them easy to use – see how. They will last a lifetime.
Soot, tar, creosote resistant, hard wearing, strong, tough and yet extremely flexible.

No fiddly riveted metal/brass couplings to join the rod lengths together – main culprit for causing damage by abrasion/tearing of the flue liner. Avoid the risk and expense of having to replace it.
Many flue liner manufacturers do not recommend rotary power sweeping.

All flexi chimney rod components are hand crafted to the highest standards and quality control – not poor quality mass produced units from China or E. Europe. Nylon materials are from Italy and the brushes are U.K.

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set of flexi chimney rods
flexi chimney rods connected together
flexi chimney rod and brush
threaded ends of flexi chimney rods

No questions MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if not fully satisfied.*

Quality design. Double waterproof, tough rip resistant material with thick reinforced base. Store all your rods, brushes and drop cloths in one bag. Was £33.
Sale: £28.50

 U.K. Design Patent IP #6003957  U.S. Design Patent #29598099

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* U.K. Mainland – as stated. Internationals may incur import fees.